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Mini Bar Attendant

Posted September 30, 2019

The Mini Bar Attendant is responsible for the efficient servicing, restocking and inventory of all mini bars throughout the hotel, as well as accurate tracking of consumption.  The Mini Bar Attendant will also assist with In-Room Dining service to ensure a successful and effective operation resulting in a positive guest experience.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Must maintain predetermined inventory in each guest room and communicate to management when supplies are low
  • Must check each item in mini bar for expiration dates
  • Responsible for charging each guest for the use/consumption of items in the mini bar
  • Must restock each mini bar according to what has been purchased
  • Must report any guest complaints or charge discrepancies to their supervisors immediately
  • May be requested to perform the duties of other hotel staff, such as Service Attendant or In Room Dining Server
  • Must uphold and respect the privacy of hotel guests at all times when performing their duties

Skill and Knowledge Requirements:

  • Exceptionally detail oriented with impeccable service and presentation standards
  • Able to display genuine, sincere level of care for all guests
  • Refined verbal and written communication skills, able to read, write and speak English
  • Refined knowledge of food and beverage preparation
  • TABC Seller Training Certificate, Texas Food Handler Certificate, or be able to obtain each of these within 30 days of hiring
  • Understanding of POS systems
  • Must be able to stand and walk for extended periods of time
  • Basic math skills required to maintain Mini Bar inventory
  • Ability to handle all situations with guests and employees
  • Ideal candidate will have schedule availability on weekends and holidays

Typical Day:  

The daily duties of the minibar attendant include the daily inventory and restocking of the minibar cart and minibar inventory storage closet. You will utilize room lists and stay duration information to plan the servicing of the rooms, prioritizing checkouts. You are responsible for the accurate tracking of consumption in the room’s minibar, logging consumption, and replenishing the inventory of each minibar in each room. The seals on each item must be inspected for damage or consumption.

One of your tools is a motorized cart containing inventory for replenishment of the rooms. You will operate the powered cart in a safe and responsible manner. You will stock this cart at the start, throughout, and end of your shift. You are responsible for tracking the inventory in the minibar storage closet, informing your manager if a certain item needs to be ordered, and deliver to your leader a written requisition. Each month you will be responsible for delivering a counted inventory of all minibar items on hand.

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The Joule

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The Joule identity is shaped by an evocative environment and a gracious service, creating unforgettable experiences and exceeding expectations.
Escape to a home away from home where lasting emotions are created, and luxury is authored and defined by the imaginative interpretation of each guest.
The Joule experience is simple yet sophisticated, and designed to  inspire interaction. We build loyal relationships with our guests through dynamic and unique interactions that engage the mind and heart.


We encourage pride at work by providing an environment that is focused on developing and retaining talented ambassadors who are committed to a culture of genuine care for our guests.
Our leaders are entrepreneurs who inspire, engage and nurture our ambassadors with positive partnerships.
Through empowerment, we allow independent thinking and a creative approach to sincere hospitality.


We are for Full-Time, Part-Time and On-Call Ambassadors who are filled with Passion, Respect, Integrity, Dedication and Empowerment to work in our outstanding downtown Hotel, Restaurants and Banquet venues.
We wish to engage, develop and retain dynamic, enthusiastic and diverse professionals committed to exceed The Joule’s mission: “Walking the path of P.R.I.D.E”