Loss Prevention Agent

Posted October 8, 2020

Job Description:

Primary Functions Of The Loss Prevention Officer: 1. Ensure the safety & well-being of the guests, employees, and patrons. 2. Protect all hotel property and assets from theft and/or damage by maintaining a secure environment. 3. Defuse and de-escalate difficult situations verbally and professionally. 4. Act as an ambassador to guests and employees, providing courteous service, information and follow-up on needs/requests.


* Patrol the building during rounds around the hotel

* Protects hotel from admission of undesirables, and others not conducting legitimate business within the premises.

* Defuse situations without placing undue risk to the officer and other employees or guests, using only verbal tactics to de-escalate the situation.

* Know when and how to report situations to the Police.

* Know when and how to report situations to Leadership, and know which type of situations require immediate notification.

* Perform guest assists.

* Write incident reports.

* Conducts internal investigations into lost property, missing items, and incidents.

* Conduct accident/injury investigations.

* Performs dispatch duties from the LP base.

* Respond to emergency response & first aid.

* Fire alarm control and response.

* Monitor CCTV.

* Conduct safety inspections and ensure all unsafe actions and areas are addressed immediately.

* Respond appropriately to crowd control situations

* Conduct employee bag inspections

* Other duties as assigned


* Must be able and willing to work any shift including the overnight shift.

* Must be able to communicate in a courteous and professional manner utilizing only verbal tactics.

* Must be comfortable using computers and established software to look-up information and file/retrieve reports.

* Must be able to stand and walk for long periods of time and move quickly when needed to respond to urgent situations.

* Clear and concise writing skills are required.

* Quick decision-making skills are required.

* Experience within the hospitality industry and/or experience as an officer in a closely related industry is preferred.

The Joule

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The Joule identity is shaped by an evocative environment and a gracious service, creating unforgettable experiences and exceeding expectations.
Escape to a home away from home where lasting emotions are created, and luxury is authored and defined by the imaginative interpretation of each guest.
The Joule experience is simple yet sophisticated, and designed to  inspire interaction. We build loyal relationships with our guests through dynamic and unique interactions that engage the mind and heart.


We encourage pride at work by providing an environment that is focused on developing and retaining talented ambassadors who are committed to a culture of genuine care for our guests.
Our leaders are entrepreneurs who inspire, engage and nurture our ambassadors with positive partnerships.
Through empowerment, we allow independent thinking and a creative approach to sincere hospitality.


We are for Full-Time, Part-Time and On-Call Ambassadors who are filled with Passion, Respect, Integrity, Dedication and Empowerment to work in our outstanding downtown Hotel, Restaurants and Banquet venues.
We wish to engage, develop and retain dynamic, enthusiastic and diverse professionals committed to exceed The Joule’s mission: “Walking the path of P.R.I.D.E”